Leslie M. Kuizema

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Name:  Pamela Waymire

Email:  bud118@msn.com

Message:  Good Morning Leslie! Your messages are inspirational! Love your sense of humor that demonstrates the immense amount of courage that you have! Keeping you in our prayers~ love, peace and blessings~ Pamela and Crew

Name:  Ron

Email:  vze48r45@verizon.net

Message:  Hi, Leslie. I found you at GrannyBarbs. I would just like to tell you that your not alone. I also have aml and Im heading for Roswell Park for stem cell transplant. I wish you well and not to worry because your in good hands.

Name:  Denice

Email:  FrostedFlakeN@msn.com

Message:  Leslie - I love your ongoing sense of humor! You and Larry make me smile so often when reading your updates. I am so glad you are home and getting stronger by the day. You are so right - one day at a time. If necessary, one moment at a time! Love from bot

Name:  Grandma and Aunt Linda


Message:  Were going to a musical concert tonight at the high school. Cant wait to do something again with you this summer. Enjoy your weekend. p.s. Miss the updates.

Name:  Lisa Simonte


Message:  Still here thinking of you and praying for you every single day. Wishing you much peace, comfort and strength. You are loved!