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Name:  Pat

Email:  lokanis@tir.com

Message:  Hi Leslie, We think about you and keep track on your web page. Hope you dont get lost in a snowdrift! OOOXXX

Name:  Bea


Message:  Just checking up on you. You are in my thoughts every day. Hope youre feeling better soon.

Name:  Murray

Email:  mslil65@triad.rr.com

Message:  Any chance you can drink some ginger tea? It helps with nausea and protects your mouth,throat and stomach from the sores that are trying their best to make you squirm. Do you have a new roommate yet? Miss you to bits!

Name:  Carole


Message:  You’re going to be healthy and on the move sooner than you think (but not soon enough, of course). Then you’ll publish this funny, courageous diary – and become rich and famous! (A helluva way to get there, though.) We miss you (the understatement of the

Name:  Marc

Email:  foleywater@earthlink.net

Message:  Hi Leslie Well it looks like I will be able to come to New York to visit with you and Heather. Work is actually going to send me there for a class. By the way, my cousin poked holes in my waterbed when we where younger. Hope to see you soon!!!!!

Name:  Aunt Linda Lou and Julie

Email:  jotar01@msn.com

Message:  Thinking of you daily with love and prayers. You are both awesome! Love, Aunt Linda Lou and Julie,Joe and Family

Name:  Erik


Message:  I am Mark Rogers cousin and am wishing you the best and hope all will go well in your recovery. You have a great sister and please tell her that we are thinking about you both in Oregon. If you have the energy, please punch Mark and say it was from his co

Name:  Stephanie


Message:  Hey Les, Its me again. Just wanted to send you a quick note to say I am thinking about you. Eliana is out of the country at the moment and will be back next week. Well give you a call to check in with you. Keep those positive vibes going...I think you

Name:  Celine

Email:  bdb

Message:  You are truly an inspiration - what a sense of humor to get through this - lots of prayers for you!!

Name:  Julie Deeke

Email:  JuliaDeeke@aol.com

Message:  Hi Leslie! Ive been keeping a close eye on you via your website and just wanted you to know that Im keeping a good thought for you and Larry. Your spirit is really incredible...something I always knew even way back when you were at Bloomingdale.(I still

Name:  Bea


Message:  Hi to Lester and Crazy Larry! Hope you two lovebirds have a happy Valentines Day. I admire your love and commitment to eachother. S.W.A.K.!!!

Name:  Tracy

Email:  tkarasinski@ccri.cc.ri.us

Message:  Hi Les & Lar -- Sending you love & healing daily! Want sign language lessons? I know some verrry descriptive signs ;-) xoxo -Trac

Name:  dina

Email:  djf64@columbia.edu

Message:  Congratulations on your Gold Medal in peeing!! Ive been waiting years for IOM to recognize it as an event. Im glad youre able to sleep and pass the time, and that the infections have been kept at bay. Neal and I think of you often. Have a good trip, Lawre

Name:  kelly


Message:  Leslie, sorry I didnt call ya back last week... I guess I missed my opportunity for the time being. Take Care!! You are always on my mind! Just remember, Did you know... You are my hero?!?!?! -Krafty

Name:  Beth

Email:  http://maddox.xmission.com/irule2.html

Message:  Hi Leslie! I thought you might like to laugh a little. If you havent seen this page before (located in the URL section), check it out...its hysterical! Hang in there, Im rooting for you! Beth

Name:  Laura

Email:  laurak@cbsnews.com

Message:  Hi, Leslie. Gail Eisen sends her love. Shes back and will be writing to you soon. Id like to come visit next week -- Ill call Larry first. Miss you every day.

Name:  Jeanmarie

Email:  jmcelroy@whitecase.com

Message:  I am a friend and co-worker of Lynda Wertheim. Four years ago I had a bone marrow transplant up in Boston. I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. As you know, its like going to hell then coming back - I have been cancer-free since 1998 and I am doing really well, T

Name:  Roslyn

Email:  rb2@cbsnews.com

Message:  Hello Leslie, My name is Roslyn B. Ward and I work on The Early Show. Ive been with show for almost two years now. While I was working on the BA desk, I remembered when it was time to search for articles in the library, you were the one who was highly

Name:  lynda

Email:  lwertheim@whitecase.com

Message:  Dear Leslie: Toby sent me your website and I just took a peak. It is great. The wonders of technology! Sorry to hear about the mouth sores. I always wished someone in the lab would figure out these great meds without any side effects. Try visualizin

Name:  Roger & Marcia

Email:  Roty

Message:  This is the first time Ive logged on to your website, as I just got the address yesterday from Noreen. I cant imagine going through everything you are. Keep up the fight! There are lots of us out here who are really praying for you and Larry. You are so m

Name:  bebe


Message:  Heres to smooth, beautiful mouth mucous very soon. I hope your peeps are visiting often and that the drugs are flowing freely! xoxo, bebe

Name:  Cory and Justine


Message:  Weve been thinking about you! Youve got a great attitude. Keep up the good work! BTW, loved reading your commentary! :D

Name:  Bea


Message:  Yo yo yo girly! How YOU doin? Glad your hellish roomie is gone. Hope the next one looks like Brad Pitt.

Name:  Toby

Email:  tby

Message:  Hugs and kisses from the CBS Evening News

Name:  Dawn

Email:  Susuico

Message:  Leslie, We really appreciated looking at your pictures and reading your updated reports. Our family and my students are praying for you. We hope both you and Larry keep up your energy for all the procedures to come. Love, Dawn

Name:  david

Email:  davman@www.com

Message:  Dear Leslie, I am sorry that I am not sure If I have ever met you but I wish You the best and hope you get out of the hospital soon. David

Name:  Tina :)


Message:  LOL, Leslie! Just saw your 2/8 update. You may have no voice, but your rapier wit is as sharp as ever. *G* See you tonight!

Name:  Tonites Joke


Message:  A man rushed into the doctors office and shouted, Doctor! I think Im shrinking! The doctor calmly responded, Now, settle down. Youll just have to be a little patient. Ba-doom-boom!

Name:  Murray


Message:  Im so glad the hire-a-horrible-roommate service came through! I was trying to figure out how to take your mind off things...she was the worst roomie they offered. Miss you to bits!

Name:  Jill

Email:  jpartner2@attbi.com

Message:  Hi Leslie. Just had a chance to visit your web site for the second time. You are a trooper! Please know I am still thinking of you and the nights that I cant sleep I say a prayer for you!! Which, are many nights!! I guess I have just had a lot on my mind

Name:  Debbie

Email:  dm3@cbnews.com

Message:  Leslie, Im thinking and praying for you to get through this difficult time. Yes, the library is still there...but its just not the same without you :). Debbie x3603 (The Early Show)



Message:  best wishes from the los angeles bureau- our thoughts are with you

Name:  Syn


Message:  Leslie, Ive been keeping tabs on your website, & it is great that your sense of humor is as strong as ever...you are definitely missed, & we cant wait for your return. P.S. Ive cut down on the sugar usage...

Name:  Lyne Pitts

Email:  ljb@cbsnews.com

Message:  We have never met, but please know that everybody here is rooting for you. You are in my prayers.

Name:  bebe


Message:  Hope your party is full of fun recreational drugs and people you love.

Name:  bebe


Message:  Heres to a really kicking dont-let-the-door-hit-your-ass-on-the-way-out-bitchy-roommate party! Reminds me of a bachelor party my husband went to once. The grooms uncle was like, What do you guys want? [in all seriousness] Girls, coke, booze? Hope the part

Name:  Dara Roach

Email:  dr1@cbsnews

Message:  Leslie- Get well soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It sounds cliche, but its true. Weve never met face to face, but I have always gotten a positive vibe from you - youd never even know it was work. Im disappointed to hear you are ill again. I re

Name:  Kathy KT


Message:  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Name:  lisa

Email:  semell@cbsnews.com

Message:  Sending many good thoughts and vibes to you -- your expertise is sorely missed here at CBS. Lisa Semel, The Early Show (Im kinda new, so you might not remember me, but you have helped me on numerous occasions).

Name:  stephanie


Message:  Les, What a way of getting out of research for the upcoming war in Iraq AND researching the shuttle disaster!! I think of you daily and send postive thoughts your way.

Name:  stephanie


Message:  Les, what a way of getting out of research for the upcoming war in Iraq

Name:  Kathy

Email:  rckmp01@omh.state.ny.us

Message:  Just want to let you know that we continue to think of you and send positive vibes your way. You are an inspiration! So is your new room mate worse than Larry?? Just teasing! Love, Kathy, Doug, & Cassidy

Name:  JON

Email:  jfriedman@marketwatch.com

Message:  Dear Leslie, I miss your weary, cheery voice a lot (Your native Midwestern politeness not quite masking a silent thought along the lines of: Oh God, what does he need now?! Then after you hear my request for a search: DIDNT I DO THAT SAME SEARCH JUST LAST

Name:  Aunt Sandi

Email:  stiebert@csinet.net

Message:  Uh,oh Les! I have it from a reliable source that your next roomie is Owen...Mommas Owen. So Sorry! Keep those doctors happy!

Name:  Nicole Marshall


Message:  Leslie, My thoughts have turned to you often over the last two years. I am glad that Melissa forwarded this link to me earlier this month. I am amazed at your strength and attitude. You are strong, very strong. Take care, Nicole

Name:  Laura

Email:  laurak@cbsnews.com

Message:  Dear Leslie: Thought of you this past weekend -- knowing you would have run into the office to help with Shuttle research. Your Web diary is an inspiration -- for all that youll teach us about life, and the courage you express, with goodness and hope.

Name:  Gail

Email:  eiseng@cbsnews.com

Message:  Dahling:I will say Jewish prayers for you. Im back doing more TVLAND stuff and thought of you right away. I bet you wont miss my calls. Sounds like you are one courageous broad. Ill send waves of love and good thoughts your way. I live only 12 blocks from

Name:  Toby

Email:  tby@cbsnews.com

Message:  Greetings from your CBS family. We await Michelles return from Laos on Mon. and are anxious to hear her tales. Stay off the floor and hang in there. Hugs and kisses

Name:  Bea


Message:  Joke of the Day A patient has a sore throat and goes to a doctor to get treatment. Doctor: Your tonsils have to come out. Patient: I wanna second opinion. Doctor: Okay, youre ugly, too. Hang in there!

Name:  Deb Swagler


Message:  I cant stop thinking of you...I wish there was something I could do for you and Larry. Im so glad you set up this website so I dont have to wonder how your doing every day. Please stay strong!!! Love, Deb