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Name:  nicole

Email:  nicole_rc@yahoo.com

Message:  I was searching for information on Leukemia, and came across Leslies website. It was uplifting to read her stories, and I send my thanks. My mom was diagnosed three weeks ago, and it helps to read about others battles. Nicole in Louisiana

Name:  stephanie hebert

Email:  stephanie.hebert@cox.net

Message:  Lawrence, I visited the page hoping you would have some news. Ive been thinking about you. I still have the card Leslie sent me congratulating me on my move back home to Louisiana. I did remember Leslie on St. Patricks Day. Its a day that will never be

Name:  Nancy Salgado-Cowan

Email:  Nursenancy1@hotmail.com

Message:  I am still so sorry I was not able to make any of the memorial services.

Name:  Wanda Atwell

Email:  wlatwell@ctc.net

Message:  I am truly amazed and inspired by Leslies never quit attidude. I was diagonised in Sept 2005 with AML M2 I am currently in remission and doing great.

Name:  stephanie hebert

Email:  tescbs@cox.net

Message:  Lawrence, I think of Leslie at least once a week. I think of her courage and strength and borrow from it whenever I hit a rough patch, which is never nearly as the rough ones she hit. I truly miss her, but she is never far from my thoughts! Steph (i

Name:  Sheila

Email:  Doyle

Message:  Make sure someone registers this year in her name.

Name:  Sheila Doyle

Email:  sdoyle100@hotmail.com

Message:  Lawrence, I understand the disabling of the pictures, I cant get enough picture right now, but I will see them some day and crumble.

Name:  Sheila Doyle

Email:  sdoyle100@hotmail.com

Message:  Lawrence, please send me an email address so I can write you. I found this site but accident but I can share so much.

Name:  Hema Shivram

Email:  hemameena@gmail.com

Message:  Please accept my condolences and hopes for your healing and renewal. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Name:  Melissa

Email:  mandm@yahoo.com

Message:  Larry, Id like to coordinate the Light the Night walk this year in honor of Leslie. Let me know what you think. Call me.

Name:  Dori



Name:  Nancy T

Email:  ntulgestka@i2k.com

Message:  Very touching story. Leslie was definely an inspiration. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Name:  Jenni

Email:  Sperandeo

Message:  With much love and sincerest condolences. Jenni Sperandeo

Name:  Melissa

Email:  melissamayes2003@yahoo.com

Message:  Larry, todays service was such a great tribute to Leslies life, there was laughter along with tears;She will be missed terribly.

Name:  Beth Hardy


Message:  I love you and miss you. Ive been talking about you so much today. I miss you and will write more later once Im able to express myself better.

Name:  Kelly K

Email:  kraftology@yahoo.com

Message:  Larry, I am so sorry and so very sad to hear the news... please let us help you w/ the memorial service in Detroit!! Anything, I/we can do to help you and your family out with the plans. All my best to you! KK

Name:  Tawnya

Email:  tawnyahall@yahoo.com

Message:  God Bless your family at this trying time. You have been an inspiration to many people, including me. May God keep you close and give you comfort. Love, Tawnya

Name:  Bea


Message:  Les & Lar: You have inspired so many (including me) with your courage, determination and love for eachother. You deserve a happy ending. My prayers are with you now.

Name:  Lisa McGunnigle

Email:  lisamcg14809@yahoo.com

Message:  Dear Leslie and Lawrence, your grace and valor are forever a source of inspiration to me. I wish you both peace and comfort.

Name:  Krafty


Message:  Leslie and Lawrence, All our love and support go out to both of you! You both have been so strong and positive thru this nightmare! All my best!!!

Name:  Lisa


Message:  Dear Leslie and Lawrence, the grace, love and courage you have shown will forever stay in my heart. You are loved and prayed for at this time and always.

Name:  Mary

Email:  mslil65@triad.rr.com

Message:  Leslie and Lawrence, I am thinking of you both. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

Name:  Diane

Email:  jdzubkus@comcast.net

Message:  Leslie and Lawrence, You are both amazing people who have taught us all a lot about love and life. My prayers are with you both and your families.

Name:  Susan

Email:  sjb@cbsnews.com

Message:  Larry: Your wife is an amazing women who has battled her disease so gallantly. I work for 60 Minutes and have followed how Leslie is fairing from Carol and Laura in the Library at CBS. My thoughts are with Leslie and with you and your family. I can only p

Name:  Lori and Tom Sauer

Email:  lbmadeloff@aol.com

Message:  Leslie and Larry- You are in our thoughts and prayers. You both are so amazing and so strong.

Name:  Cousin Amanda


Message:  L&L - we are sending love and positive thoughts your way, I pray that they bring some comfort.

Name:  Kathy Payne


Message:  May God be with you these final moments Leslie. You have suffered enough. You are an amazing woman. Lawrence, I hope that you find peace and comfort these days ahead. You have been such a wonderful and devoted husband.

Name:  Beth


Message:  L & L~ My thoughts and prayers are with you both. All my love...Beth

Name:  Melissa and Mike

Email:  meliss_kay@yahoo.com

Message:  Leslie and Larry, You are both in our thoughts and prayers. We love you both and sending good wishes your way.

Name:  Aunt Linda


Message:  Leslie and Lawrence...Thoughts,love and prayers are continuously being sent your way. If only my best wishes for both of you could help more!

Name:  dina

Email:  djf64@columbia.edu

Message:  It was so nice to hear your voice this evening! Im so glad you called, and even gladder that you COULD call!

Name:  Nichole

Email:  Nichole1283@msn.com

Message:  Leslie, I wanted to let you know that I have been reading your updates for a while now. Im praying for you girl. I have been in that postition but not half as long as you have. Your a strong girl keep being strong. With Love Nichole.