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Name:  Dina

Email:  djf64@columbia.edu

Message:  What a treat to talk to you today! Even though you might not remember most of it. Embrace chemo brain--you sure cant fight it! Sorry I woke you up the first time. Im even sorrier the last couple days were so rough. Try to stay off the floor if you can and

Name:  Bea


Message:  Hi Les. Glad to hear the chemos almost over. Heres your medical joke for the day: Did you hear about the depressed proctologist? Hes been feeling down in the dumps. {bu-da-da-dump}

Name:  Dew


Message:  Hey Lesile wanted you to know I was thinking about you. Glad to hear that the chemo is coming to an end. Hang in there!

Name:  Aunt Sandi

Email:  stiebert@csinet.net

Message:  Hello from Northwest Indiana! Leslie, you are absolutely phenomenal! You get a kick in the pants and kick back! Way to go, girl! Stay strong! Love, Aunt Sandi

Name:  AmyC


Message:  Oof! Heres what got cut off. good for grins. (But maybe its funnier for those who know Stew.) http://www.stewart-onan.com/html/what_to_read.html

Name:  AmyC


Message:  Lester, I had more time to really look at your site this time. Wishing you well, as always. Thought you might enjoy scanning the reading list at author Stewart ONans site. His timeline link is good for grins. (But maybe its funnier for those who know Stew

Name:  Diane

Email:  jdzubkus@peoplepc.com

Message:  Hi Leslie, I did not notice the guest book when I first saw your note last Saturday! Thanks for making a mention of it in your updates! You are an amazing, strong woman! You also sound like you have a wonderful Husband!!! I wish you all the best and I am

Name:  Cindy

Email:  cmarvant@comcast.net

Message:  Hey, Leslie - Im checking on your updates and thinking of you daily. Take good care of yourself!

Name:  Grandma Tiebert


Message:  Hi, Doll! Aunt Linda showed me all your slides. They were awesome! Wish I could have been all those places too. Love, Grandma

Name:  Grandma Tiebert


Message:  Hi, Darling! Hurry and get better. We all love you. Grandma

Name:  dina

Email:  djf64@columbia.edu

Message:  Would you believe I was at work when you called?! Ill call soon. Sorry about the fevers and nausea. Good luck with the second half of chemo, which by now should only be the last third. My surgery went fine, thanks, although Im still kind of sore.

Name:  noel

Email:  noelberry@msn.com

Message:  Leslie- Your diary is just amazing. Your spirit & humor are unbeatable. I am so glad to hear so many good people are surrounding you. Please put your arms around Larry & have him give you a big hug for me. Postive vibes always & many, many blessing!!! L

Name:  anna

Email:  awilmes@linc.lib.il.us

Message:  Hi, Leslie I am not sure if you remember me! I have been thinking of you..Take Care..love you anna

Name:  Celine

Email:  bdbus3@linc.lib.il.us

Message:  Whoops - clicked on the wrong thing and you have no comment!. What a brave girl! I am so impressed with your attitude through all this - it is the best way to get through it. You are in my prayers.

Name:  Tracy

Email:  tkarasinski@ccri.cc.ri.us

Message:  Hey Les -- Love the website & like reading your guestbook too ;-) What a wonderful community of fam & friends you have! Glad the cocktails are 1/2 over. Will plan to visit in the weeks ahead. Love you, -Trac

Name:  bebe


Message:  Les, I am planning on finding and sacrificing the appropriate virgins in order to ensure your remission. Could be a tough search...you think technical virgins count? xoxo, bebe

Name:  Kathy Payne


Message:  we are sending all sorts of pisitive vibes and prayers your way

Name:  Mylene

Email:  myl@cbsnews.com

Message:  Hi, Leslie !!! Ive been trying to find something really stupid and sarcstic to say, just to get away from the mush for a bit. But, Ill make you this deal instead. Cryder mentioned that you said you would be back in time to fill in for the summer holida

Name:  Lynda Wertheim

Email:  lwertheim@whitecase.com

Message:  Dear Leslie: I am Tobys sister and am rooting real hard for you. Enjoy the view from your room. We have added your name to the list of people we say get well prayers for in synagogue, so in addition to the good stuff that the docs do we have some addit

Name:  Bea


Message:  Love the new haircut, Lester. Larry should really think about a career change... Keep your spirits high and you go, girl!!!!

Name:  Toby

Email:  tby@cbsnews.com

Message:  While I am sitting here waiting for the State of the Union, I thought Id check in with a hello. Ill be counting the number of times the Presidents speech is interrupted by applause and on call for any special problems.

Name:  Aunt Linda and Grandma

Email:  lmwilliams@mcas.k12.in.us

Message:  Leslie and Larry, Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you daily. Grandma sends all her love and a BIG KISS your way.

Name:  Pat & Conny

Email:  lokanis@tir

Message:  Hi Leslie, Tina passes on your news and we were sorry to hear of your new (temp!) address, even if it is a penthouse. Thinking of you and hoping it goes well.

Name:  Gina

Email:  RMacInt463@aol.com

Message:  Hi Leslie! Im one of Tinas friends too. Love the website, and am very glad to have this chance to send these good wishes to you directly since I almost feel like I know you. Stay Kule and Rock On, Girlfriend! You are one Totally Fabulous Woman!!!!! G.

Name:  Angela


Message:  Leslie - you are wonderfully brave and possess a big heart. I am praying that your time as cancer girl will be very short. Stay strong Larry.

Name:  Cousin Amy

Email:  amy@autosushi.com

Message:  27Jan03 - Please dont surrender to being Cancer Girl... Well keep praying for heathly girl to return. :) And love the mohawk!!

Name:  Dawn

Email:  dawn_paepke@fcauw.org

Message:  Be Strong Leslie!!! My thoughts are with you guys. Much love - Dawn

Name:  Susan Bieber


Message:  Leslie: I am thinking about you..and I cant wait to see your smiling face back in the library. Love, susie

Name:  Gail

Email:  ggreenwald@mediamark.nopworld.com

Message:  Hi Leslie, as promised Ive been dedicating my yoga sessions to you. Hang in there and know Im one of many thinking of you.

Name:  Murray


Message:  Hi Sugar! Hang tough!

Name:  Tom

Email:  Gamlin

Message:  I love you and God loves you. As Always Tom

Name:  Pamela Waymire

Email:  bud118@msn.com

Message:  We have a candle lit and have all said our prayers for you. We will continue to pray for your strength, spirit and health. We love you, Leslie!!

Name:  Staci

Email:  StaciaRS@aol.com

Message:  Hi there, Leslie! Tina told us about your website, so I thought Id come by and send my best wishes and good vibes your way! Hang in there, kiddo! Were all pulling for you on this end. Staci Skoog et al.

Name:  Ann

Email:  amf@cbsnews.com

Message:  You will be in my thoughts & prayers. You have such a positive attitude that I know you will be well again soon.

Name:  noel

Email:  noelberry@msn.com

Message:  Leslie- We are pulling for you. Every morning I say a little prayer for you!! You have so much love & positive energy coming your way! Love to Larry too! Noel

Name:  Tina :)


Message:  Jan 24 2003: Good morning, Leslie! Just popping in to send you good vibes and a great big hug as you head out for the Hickman installation. Dont let your dad get lost in Manhattan! *G* ---Love you, Tina :)

Name:  patti & paul vanderbeek

Email:  patla@cbsnews.com

Message:  Good luck in the coming months. Our prayers are with you. We know everything will be fine. Patti & Paul

Name:  Toni

Email:  toni@cbsnews.com

Message:  Hi Leslie, I am sorry to hear that your cancer has returned. I am sure that with the help of your sister, your attitude and the many prayers, you will be just fine. if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I will keep in touch. Lo

Name:  Grace

Email:  graceyor@umich.edu

Message:  Wow, Les! Am I ever impressed with your web page and your sense of style! Everything from your home to your new penthouse. Of course, Im also curious about how you developed your slide shows. In the meantime, youve saved me some work. The CBS web site has

Name:  Heidi

Email:  shapipw@yahoo.com

Message:  Hi Leslie. Thank you for including me in your news. You and Heather will be in my prayers. Thank God for sisters! Love always Heidi

Name:  Tina : )


Message:  Hey, Leslie! I forgot about your website until Phyl told me you had your "new do" photo posted. ;-) I love the new pages! The house, the links, the leukemia info--great job on all of it. Hope you're having fun across the pond! Love, Tina :)